Being on Coworker

  • Q. What is Coworker?

    Coworker is a marketplace for people looking for a coworking space ( startup owners, freelancers, digital nomads, etc) and coworking spaces from around the world. We have listed over 8000 spaces in 125 countries. Despite trying to gather all coworking spaces on one platform, we do not operate any of the workspaces.

  • Q. How big is Coworker?

    Currently we have over 8000 spaces listed on Coworker, in more than 125 countries.

  • Q. Why should I use Coworker? is your #1 place to find and review coworking spaces around the world.  It is the largest global community of 7000+ coworking spaces in 125 countries. Each month Coworker helps over 100,000 people find coworking spaces around the globe. By being on Coworker you allow people to discover your space, see pictures and read member reviews to decide if your space is the right community for them. From there potential leads can book a tour, request a day pass, enquire about memberships or send a message regarding any questions you may have. The best part, these requests appear directly in your inbox with no fees or commissions.

    Below you can find several benefits of having your space on Coworker:

    We can help people looking for a coworking space in your country to reach you more easily

    You can receive leads directly in your email inbox with full contact details

    You pay 0 commission/ cost per lead

    Use our platform for media/ brand awareness

    Have a dedicated team to always help you

    People can leave reviews on your space. for 5 reviews we send you a welcome pack and for the first 10 reviews we throw you a Pizza Party

    We have partners like Nomad list, therefore when people check Nomad List, they will see all Coworker spaces listed there as well (including yours)

    We are generally on top searches on Google when you look for a coworking space, therefore, when somebody will look for a place in your city, they can land on your account on Coworker and book a desk very fast.


  • Q. How do I list my space on Coworker?

    It's quick and easy to list your space. To add your space, login into your Coworker account and click "Add Your Space".




    Fill out the necessary information. It only takes a couple of minutes and once we receive it, we will approve your space within 1-2 working days. We take some time to make sure all the info is correct and that you are all set and ready to go.

  • Q. How much does it cost to be listed on Coworker?

    It is absolutely FREE.


    Yes you read it right!


    Both the listing and leads coming from Coworker are FREE for space owners - there are no fees or commissions. Your free account allows you to use features such as Book a Tour, Free Day Pass, and Reservations. To be able to enjoy the extra features we offer you can upgrade to the Coworker Connect or Coworker Featured Premium plans.

  • Q. Is my account always going to be free or is there anything else that I need to know from the beginning?

    It is 100% free to join Coworker and receive leads from potential new members, and it will always be free to have a profile for your coworking space.


    If you'd like to upgrade to any of our Premium Plans that give you more features and more visibility, please check our Premium Plans page at

  • Q. I have several locations in same/ different cities and I would like to list them all. Can I add them all on Coworker?

    Absolutely, It's quick and easy to list your spaces but you need to create a different listing for each coworking spaces. To add your space, click "Add Your Space". Fill out the necessary information. It only takes a couple of minutes and once we receive it we will approve your listing within 1-2 working days.

  • Q. Who added my space on Coworker?

    Generally, the spaces we have listed are either being listed by an official team member, past member of your team or a member of your community. In the last 2 cases, your space remains "unverified", therefore why we are reaching out to you to claim your profile and become an admin.

  • Q. Does Coworker store the information of my leads/ clients?

    We do not store the information about your leads or clients.

  • Q. How can I edit my name and review?

    As of the moment only Coworker staff can change your name and edit a review so you can email us your request at

  • Q. How can I reset/ change my password?

    If you forgot the password, just click forgot password and you should receive an email to reset your password and be well on your way to password recovery within seconds.

    ** Please remember to check your spam folder as well

  • Q. Do I need to own a coworking space to be a member of Coworker?

    Absolutely no, users who do not own a coworking space can become a member of the Coworker community and search for places to work from or share their story on our blog. We currently have over 21000 members in our community.

  • Q. What is Coworking Insights?

    An online publication, acquired by Coworker in October 2017, that is meant to be the go to place for coworking owners and operators to learn about industry news and trends while giving them access to tips and data. Check it out here.